Chronic illness and good sleep never go hand-in-hand. In fact, your health has the power to interrupt your sleep cycle dramatically. Eventually, sleepless nights and restless days leave you in a state of permanent fatigue from when you wake up. So, when you wake up already drained or sore –

Office distractions are unavoidable. But a disability poses an extra set of daily obstacles that can make it even trickier to get stuff done. That’s why making your office wheelchair-friendly will help you use your time more effectively. If this is what you want but don’t know where to start,

So you’re thinking of going to the beach? Good! It’s an awesome idea. But before you book your vacation ticket, there are a few things you need to get right if you’ve got chronic pain and want to handle a trip successfully. I love the beach and it’s a passion that

If you’re a spoonie that has been left feeling unprepared for a flare – I know how you feel. That’s why I’ve spent the last 10 years compiling an ultimate “survival kit” that anyone can put in place today. Flares are so unpredictable, and for that reason, they can leave you

Even eating becomes exhausting when you’re chronically ill – never mind preparing a meal. But you still need food to survive and it can’t just be takeout. These energy-saving cooking tips are here to show you how you can still eat properly without needing to recuperate all your spoons… just