Chronic Illness Flare Survival Kit

We all experience our chronic illnesses differently, which means our flares are different. No matter how your body responds when it’s worn out, the most important thing is to come prepared so you can rest.A chronic illness flare survival (or crisis) kit includes items that help alleviate the symptoms you feel when your body’s health suddenly worsens. Here are 27

The Ultimate Flare Survival Kit for Chronic Illness (27 Essentials)

As a fellow a chronic illness warrior, you've probably heard the term "spoonie" being thrown around – especially after some digging online. If you've ever wondered what that term means:A spoonie is a term used to describe someone with a chronic illness. The Lupus blogger Christine Miserandino developed the spoon theory to describe the functional limitations that anyone with a chronic illness

What is a Spoonie? (14 Things to Know Including Charts)