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Getting diagnosed with a chronic illness is a life-altering moment. It’s not the flu. No amount of bed rest and herbal tea will fix you.

Instead, you’re often given inconclusive test results, a whole bunch of treatment options that may work (or not)… and a pat on the back from a doctor while they wish you good luck! It’s enough now.

After nearly 15 years of dealing with a variety of chronic illnesses by myself, I’ve been forced to rethink and re-evaluate how I choose to live my life.

It wasn’t only the fact that I didn’t want my days to fade away into years of nothing. I refused to believe that this was the fate of every chronic illness warrior out there. 

I wanted to prove it was possible to cohabitate with a chronic illness in peace and rebuild a life.

Now, I am ready to share all my practical, tactile and realistic advice on managing a chronic illness so that we can get your life back on track.

I started The Discerning You because I don’t want you to endure all the hardships I had to.

I have learnt the sh*tty lessons about chronic illness management and developed step-by-step strategies to implement them properly.

Now I’m here to share everything with you so that you can keep living your life to the best of your abilities.  

So if you have recently got through something traumatic and are scared, angry and not coping;  

If you’re rediscovering what it means to lead a “normal life”;

Or looking for like-minded individuals that you can share their experiences with…

You don’t have to derail again. I’m here, and I’ve got your back!

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Marina has been so helpful, she is not just following a script or a set course, but really hearing what i need and helping me with the challenges I am facing.

Rivka G

 Marina’s  ability to act with intuition and empathy has brought me a sense of support that I have not found working with other coaches. I mean truly understanding the loneliness that our conditions has brought upon us in the community of chronic pain/illness. In only just a couple sessions with Marina and great communication via however you feel comfortable with, I have made an immense leap in being self aware and understanding that I am capable! She  continues to make a great impact on me and others in our community.

Isabella I

I felt so displaced, unhappy, and worthless with my chronic pain. Marina helped me find my worth and romanticize life despite my chronic illness.