We all need some help managing aspects of chronic illness and I believe it’s worth taking advantage of any tech that enables this process. But it’s time-consuming to find what’s worth your time and what isn’t.  That’s where I come in. I’ve done the work and tested at least 30 different apps designed to help with chronic illnesses or general

Top 13 Best Apps for People with a Chronic Illness in 2022
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Travelling with a chronic illness doesn’t need to be overwhelming as long as you come prepared. These are the travel essentials you’ll need no matter where you’re going – and a printable packing list to make it a lot easier. Table Of Contents 1Why Spoon Theory Was Created2Spoon Theory Charts Are the Best Way to Explain Your Struggle3Spoonies Have Limited

16 Chronic Illness Travel Essentials and Packing List

Every spoonie knows that comfortable clothes are important. But eventually, you get tired of wearing old and baggy clothes because not only do they do nothing for your sense of self-worth – but they’re probably not helping you optimise your daily function either.The best fashion and clothing hacks for chronic illness include wearing items that are designed to: Control the

16 Fool-Proof Fashion Hacks For Chronic Illness