As a fellow a chronic illness warrior, you've probably heard the term "spoonie" being thrown around – especially after some digging online. If you've ever wondered what that term means:A spoonie is a term used to describe someone with a chronic illness. The Lupus blogger Christine Miserandino developed the spoon theory to

Even eating becomes exhausting when you’re chronically ill – never mind preparing a meal. But you still need food to survive and it can’t just be takeout. These energy-saving cooking tips are here to show you how you can still eat properly without needing to recuperate all your spoons… just

After a chronic illness diagnosis, you need support from your loved ones, now more than ever. But often, it feels like you're left with fewer people around than you had when you started – leaving lingering trust and abandonment issues.As hard as it is, we're going to discuss how you

When you are first diagnosed with a chronic illness, you don't expect boredom to sneak up on you so intensely – but it does. The things that that you like doing are not often feasible anymore, and you need ample rest. But doing something like watching TV will only entertain

If you live with chronic illness, the holidays might not feel like such a joyous occasion to look forward to, but rather an event you dread. While everyone reunites, celebrates, and share traditions with family and friends. A chronic illness can make you feel like you need to put on