When you are first diagnosed with a chronic illness, you don't expect boredom to sneak up on you so intensely – but it does. The things that that you like doing are not often feasible anymore, and you need ample rest. But doing something like watching TV will only entertain

If you live with chronic illness, the holidays might not feel like such a joyous occasion to look forward to, but rather an event you dread. While everyone reunites, celebrates, and share traditions with family and friends. A chronic illness can make you feel like you need to put on

I won’t sugar coat it – using a cane when you’re chronically ill is tough. Sure, you might run into some physical challenges, but that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s tough because it’s a huge psychological adjustment, and people around you may not make it easier. So, if you’re

Caring for someone with a chronic illness isn’t something that comes with a manual. The emotional toll it has on everyone involved is intense, and you will all feel drained, misunderstood, guilty, frustrated and overwhelmed at some point. Although this is a teething process, there are certain things you can

Studying for anything when you are chronically ill feels like a monstrous task. Not only does your body work against you, but things like brain fog make it harder to retain any information you learn. But it's not impossible – I promise. Hold onto that determination to further your education