Promote an Organised Mindset: Building a Foundation





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About Promote an Organised Mindset: Building a Foundation

Today, we will look at organizing your mind and promoting a clear and confident thought process around your life.

It’s easy for your coping mechanisms and resources to run dry when you have a chronic illness. And it’s even harder to move forward when you’re scrambling to make sense of everything.

In this guide, you will learn how to adapt to your difficult circumstances and focus on how to organise and improve your thought process to create healthy habits that promote an organised mindset.

This guide is part 1 of the “7 Days to Happiness” programme. If you have not enrolled into the programme you can do so here: simply click here to enrol now

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This lesson is all about building self-awareness and learning how to prioritising yourself.

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In this lesson you will learn how to clear your mind and create the mental compartments to organise your thoughts and channel your actions properly.

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In this lesson we cover some essential tools to track your progress and make your life a whole lot easier. We also give you a nice surprise at the end of the lesson to get you started. 

About the Teacher


Marina Wildt is an experienced health and wellness writer, chronic illness warrior and founder of The Discerning You. In the last 12 years, she has gone from being paralysed in a wheelchair to living a full life alongside her conditions and now she wants to share all the practical advice that she has learnt with you.

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