Learn to release stress and unleash your inner goddess

Join Us For a Powerful Wild Woman Yoga Event

  • Soulful yoga with The Yogi Paige. Learn to embrace your feminine side, reconnect with your spirit, and learn to love your body. 
  • Inspiring talk about the how women can gain control of their lives with "Wheelchair to Walking" life coach Marina.
  • Tasty breakfast treats, coffee and the opportunity to connect with a community of powerful women. 
  • Self-care-inspired goodie bags valued at over R500 for every guest and a chance to win amazing prizes.


Sunday, 26th Feb 2023

 08:00 AM


Bilqis Bridal Showroom

31 Gleneagles Road, Greenside 2034




Who is this event for? 

We know that being a woman comes with many difficulties, and expectations of us are higher now than ever before.

But in 2023, women are more able than ever to embrace their true strength.

So how do we truly take advantage of this newfound freedom? How do we make the most of our femininity and turn our age-long insecurities into our POWER?

It’s time to draw the line and say – enough!

The drive to be a strong, independent, sassy, confident and influential WILD woman is made easier when we come together.

If you’re a woman who wants to find power in your femininity, and strength within a community of like-minded movers ­– you need to join us on February 26th.

  • Awaken, heal, and enlighten your inner goddess.
  • Connect with other strong women who want to support you as you find courage within yourself.
  • Master and harness your mental powers means you can shape your life in the way YOU want.

Each guest will be spoilt with a special goodie bag, breakfast, smoothies and more.

This event is about re-energising you, lifting your mood, and giving you invaluable tools you need to unleash the WILD strong woman in you!


The Yogi Paige

Yoga teacher, health and lifestyle coach with a special interest in honing in on the power of the mind. 

Marina Wildt

Chronic Illness and pain management lifestyle coach and motivational speaker (From wheelchair to walking) 


Join Us For a Powerful Morning on How to Unleash Your Inner Goddess