Build a Functional Environment: Making Your Space Work For You





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About Build a Functional Environment: Making Your Space Work For You

Today we are going to look at a variety of tools that you can use to create a functional living space to help you regain your independence and functionality, despite any physical limitations you might have. 

Not only will you learn skills to help you identify aspects in your life that make you feel physically disabled but more importantly the role your environmental plays in creating those feelings and what you can do to overcome any limitations you might have. 

By finding ways to improve the functionality of your environment – it will help you regain a sense of freedom and empower you in the process.

This guide is part 3 of the “7 Days to Happiness” programme. If you have not enrolled into the programme you can do so here: simply click here to enrol now


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In this lesson, we look at the impact that your environment can have on your functionality and identify which aspects are amplifying your own personal physical limitations. 

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In this lesson, we take the environmental limitations you have listed in Lesson 1 and use them to identify what your physical needs are in your daily life. 

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In this lesson, we take action and find practical and attainable solutions to the physical needs you have right now in order to make your environment more functional. We focus on the key things that you need in your life to build your independence. 

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In this lesson, we look at the importance of adaptability and growth in this strategy. As your health needs change, so should your environment to suit your new demands. Building a functional environment is a continuous process that is successful through goal setting and follow-through. 

About the Teacher


Marina Wildt is an experienced health and wellness writer, chronic illness warrior and founder of The Discerning You. In the last 12 years, she has gone from being paralysed in a wheelchair to living a full life alongside her conditions and now she wants to share all the practical advice that she has learnt with you.

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