Learn the 3 Critical Traits You Need to Unlock to Master Your Mind.

Join Us for Our Fundraising Event on Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.

Marina and The Yogi Paige
  • Restorative yoga with The Yogi Paige - cultivating a connection between the brain, breath, and body.
  • Motivational chat about mental mastery with Marina and looking into her journey from wheelchair to walking. 
  • Understanding functional health, the gut-brain connection and how environmental stressors affect our mood with Dr Alain Sanua.
  • Self-care-inspired goodie bags valued at over R400 for every guest and a chance to win amazing prizes.
  • Panel discussion where you can have all your questions answered while enjoying smoothies and some brekkie.

The event is fully booked. Thank you for all the support, and we look forward to hosting you. 

Marina and The Yogi Paige


Sunday, 4th Dec 2022

 08:00 AM


Parkhurst Health & Aesthetics 
9 6th Street, Parkhurst, 2193




Who is this event for? 

If you feel like life is just too much right now, and you're overwhelmed, fatigued and seeing a dip in your health, productivity, and emotional well being –

You need this. Like now! 

Join The Yogi Paige, Marina Wildt and Longevity LIVE for a morning of restorative yoga, inspiring stories, and an interactive chat about food, mood and physical health. 

We'll look at why achieving your life's goals does not mean you need to be smarter, stronger or more talented than anyone else. It's about knowing how to be empowered by your own mind so that it does not affect your physical health. 

Mastering and harnessing your mental powers means you can shape your life in the way YOU want.

Each guest will be spoilt with a special goodie bag, breakfast, smoothies and more.

This event is about re-energising you, lifting your mood, and giving you invaluable coping tools for your mental health!

Our Speakers

Chronic Illness and pain management coach |  motivational speaker (From wheelchair to walking) 

Marina Wildt

Yoga teacher, health and lifestyle coach with a special interest in honing in on the power of the mind. 

The Yogi Paige

Medical doctor (MD) and homeopath specialising in functional medicine and treating persistent chronic conditions. 

Dr Alain Sanua

Multi-media platform sharing the latest news on wellness, longevity, beauty, pro-aging iand health. 

Longevity Live

Get Into The Spirit Of Giving

You might be wondering where your money is going after you book a ticket. And you're going to love our answer.

All proceeds from this event go towards helping individuals who have suffered terribly due to crippling chronic illness and chronic pain.

Marina (founder of The Discerning You) compiles carefully curated care packages to send to chronic illness warriors needing extra medical care and attention through this charity drive. Each package is designed to make individuals feel loved, cared for and heard.

Anything left over is immediately used to help sponsor an individual who needs chronic illness and pain management coaching.

If you know someone suffering from a condition like Lupus (SLE), Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, cancer pain, or cluster migraines – your contribution to our cause can make a huge difference in their lives.

Pictures from festive fundraiser 2021 below. 

Join Us For a Powerful Morning on How to Prioritise Your Health