On a scale from 1 – 10 on the disappointment scale, having a chronic illness sits at about 148. To overcome it, you’re going to need practical exercises. And my 5-step process to overcome the disappointments of having a chronic illness includes: Confronting what you are disappointed about;  Identifying your

Have you ever wanted to punch a friend in the face because you felt like they just didn’t get it? By “it” I mean your chronic illness.  I understand your rage! Off the bat, I can tell you that:  One, you’re not alone.Two, please don’t punch your friend…And three, it’ll

The hardest part about feeling beautiful when you are chronically ill, is that you actually feel like absolute crap most of the time.  ​If you have spent far too much time looking at yourself in the mirror feeling unhappy or disappointed – this is for you. Feeling beautiful when you

Chronic pain changes your life completely. But what's worse is that friends and family struggle to see why as the effects are invisible. This post is for anyone that has a loved one that suffers from chronic pain.  Although it's may be hard to sympathise, it doesn't mean you can't

If you have a chronic illness, finding the best job means finding the job that is most suited to your new lifestyle and health needs. In short, the best jobs for people with a chronic illness, are the ones that have: Low physical intensity or harm, flexible working hours, little