Any chronic pain condition needs to be managed holistically. And when it comes to yoga – it’s not about whether or not it’s a good idea. It’s about knowing what type is suited to you.  Yoga is such a diverse practice. Each variation caters to specific needs or limits that

Yoga doesn’t sit on the fringe of science any more – it’s the real deal. And the proven benefits of yoga for chronic illness, in specific, are mind-blowing.  Whether you have fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, neuropathic pain, arthritis or even Lupus. Yoga is probably an option for you. Stats show that

Coping with loneliness when you have a chronic illness isn’t just about getting over your feelings of isolation.  It’s about acknowledging the impact that losing control over your body has had on your relationships.  In other words, you’re not just trying to cope with being alone, because of your physical

Your illness affects your friendships all the time. But I don't have to tell you this – you're living it. In fact, studies show that one third of chronic illness sufferers encounter social problems on a day-to-day basis.People need social interaction and human contact. We’re not meant to be on

Pets help people manage chronic pain better. It’s not a maybe – it’s definite. They’re not doctors or pharmacists. But they can fundamentally shift our hormonal and chemical functions for the better. If you already have a pet that you love, then what I’m saying won’t come as a surprise.